Illustrative Examples

Leadership Committee member making a Leadership Grant

Idea & Pre-Proposal

Taylor, a member of the DAO’s Leadership Committee, believes it would be valuable to fund Mike to build an idea he has for a new MetaMask Snap. She wants to fast-track it through the Leadership Grants process.
Taylor would begin by asking Mike to define a proposal that includes the idea, its value, milestones to completion, and how much in grants funds is needed to complete each milestone. The proposal will follow the formatting of a pre-established proposal template.
When the proposal is ready Taylor would give the Committee a heads up via Slack and/or any recurring meetings, and may invite comments, suggestions, edits, or opportunities to interact with the intended recipient. Taylor has the freedom to do whatever she thinks is best, with the goal of convincing the rest of the Committee it is a strong proposal.

Creating Proposal and Voting

When Taylor feels the proposal is ready to be voted on, she will go to snapshot.org and create a proposal using their interface. She would notify the Committee in Slack or during a recurring meeting. If any member of the Committee requires more information, she or others in favor of the proposal would be available to answer questions.
Leadership Committee members will go to the MetaMask Grants DAO page on Activate to vote.

Proposal Closes & Identity Verification

When the proposal closes five days later, if there are at least five ‘yes’ votes, the proposal is considered to have passed (else it fails), and Taylor would ask Mike to fill out a basic KYC form. Assuming everything checks out according to the instructions provided by Legal, the DAO is ready to send funds to Mike.

Disbursing Funds

Taylor will then set up a transaction equal to the size of the disbursement needed for the first milestone. This transaction will be queued for multsig holders, who will be notified via Slack and any recurring meetings.The multisig holders are expected to sign the transaction within five days, going to Taylor for any additional information that may be needed.
There may be funds that are approved, but not disbursed, such as where there are multiple milestones for the recipient to hit to receive more funds. Those funds will be considered “allocated” and saved for future disbursements.

Periodic Updates

After funds have been disbursed, Taylor is expected to update the list of funded projects on the Funded Grants page, as well as any internal, private tracking mechanisms. Taylor will be responsible for periodically tracking the status of the grant and providing the team with updates.

Milestone Date Reached

A substantive update will be expected after a milestone or completion date has been reached.
In the case of a milestone and after any updates, if Taylor believes that the milestone has been reached, she will create a proposal to continue funding the project, which will pass/fail with the same rules as above.
In the case of a project that has reached its final milestone, Taylor will be responsible for a final update to the Committee and the Committee will take an informal vote on whether the proposal was successful, for purposes of tracking its success and learning.

Leadership Committee member making a Full DAO Grant

Same as the first example, except that proposals will be open for 10 days and all DAO members will be able to vote. Materials should be distributed in a way easily accessible to all full-time employees.
Taylor may want to consider hosting one or more open governance calls for the full DAO to answer questions.

Full DAO Member claiming tokens and participating in a Full DAO Grant

Jun recently joined ConsenSys and is interested in participating in the MetaMask Grants DAO.
To start, he will join the #metamask-grants-dao Slack channel and also supply his wallet information and opt-in to the MetaMask Grants DAO within the internal company website.
Once Jun has completed the above, MetaMask Grants tokens will be minted directly into Jun’s wallet (distributions are scheduled for the first business day of each month) and an update will be posted in the Slack channel that the monthly distribution has been completed.


Jun will then keep track of new proposals via Slack and the Grants section of the MMG DAO Notion as well as the MetaMask Grants DAO page on Activate, including signing up for email notifications on Activate if he wishes.
When a proposal is active, Jun will be able to vote by navigating to Activate and following the simple to use user flows.
Once voting for a proposal has completed, Jun can view the results directly on Activate, and updates are expected to be posted to the MetaMask Grants DAO Notion and Slack channel. If he signed up for email notifications via Activate, he will receive an update via that channel as well.

Staying Updated Post-Funding

The Funded Grants page will be the best place to view information on the status of funded grants. Updates are expected to be posted to the internal Slack channel by the Leadership Committee member sponsoring the grant as well.