Voting will occur on top of Snapshot, the most popular platform for creating and voting on DAO governance proposals. We are exploring on-chain governance for a future iteration of the DAO, but SnapShot holds the advantage of being (1) gas-less (free), (2) well-known, and (3) the most battle-tested as the dominant voting platform for DAOs.


Proposals will be created by Leadership Committee Members into the applicable Snapshot Space for the Full DAO or Leadership DAO at snapshot.org, via having the “Authors” permission. “Admin” privileges to the SnapShot spaces will be held by the Gnosis Safe.
Proposals will be “Yes/No” proposals describing the intended recipient, an overview of the project, amount, any milestones, and links to any external documentation and/or additional information.
Proposals will be public.


Discussion surrounding Full DAO Grants will take take place in the ConsenSys Slack channel #metamask-grants-dao and Full DAO members will also have the ability to upvote Full DAO Grant proposals within the internal MetaMask Grants DAO website.


Voting will occur via a “MetaMask Grants DAO” page on the Activate platform. DAO members will log-in through their wallet, view current and closed proposals, and vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ directly through the platform.
Votes cast will be public.

Disbursing Funds

Once a KYC check of the grant recipient has been completed, the Leadership Committee member who created the proposal will be responsible for queuing a transaction sending funds to the recipient for the multisig to execute.