ConsenSys is dedicated to building a more open, empowering, and decentralized world. That's what motivates everyone in the company, including everyone in MetaMask. We all want to build products and systems that are just as open, decentralized, and permissionless as the world we are helping to shape.

So we’re putting our money where our mouths are (literally lol) and giving back to the community. We believe it’s important to explore Web3 mechanisms within our company, and we have been experimenting with this more and more recently through initiatives like the Bankless DAOlationship, Merge Regenesis NFT drop, and VillageDAO.

Making MetaMask the most extensible wallet in the world requires decentralizing efforts to build this out. Not only will this accelerate growth for crypto-comfortable users, but this will also boost adoption for crypto-curious individuals that will have more paths to explore.

We believe the next step in the process is the MetaMask Grants DAO.

MetaMask Grants DAO is an employee-driven, ConsenSys-funded DAO that issues grants to developers building impactful experiences within the MetaMask ecosystem.

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