Key Management Solutions

Dec 20, 2022 04:38 PM
Accepting Applications
Solution: A wide range of options exist today for making key management easier for users. MetaMask is behind the industry in supporting these key management solutions, but can quickly leapfrog this with Snaps. We can someday expect to see a much better onboarding flow for new users like this mockup by Alex Jupiter:
notion image
Scope: These key management solutions include
  • Smart contract accounts
  • Multi-sig accounts
  • Multi-party compute (MPC)
  • Key backup solutions (Shamir sharing, encrypted cloud backup, etc.)
  • Hardware wallets (USB, air-gapped, etc.)
Teams will be responsible for developing and designing the solution under the product/project management guidance of the MetaMask team.
Best Practices for Proposals
Here are some hard requirements that our team expects to see:
  • Must be open-source
  • Must undergo a security audit
  • Free to use (or availability of a free tier in pricing model, if relevant)
  • Teams should have a reasonable timeline in when they expect their project to hit the market (please include a roadmap in your proposal). We are running RFPs in one-month increments, and our grant program is operating with quarterly goals and key objectives
Please include relevant examples of previous work, and tell us about yourself/the team- we want to get to know you!