Our Snaps ecosystem is growing- and we’d like to expand it further with you.
MetaMask Snaps opens the door to a level of innovation in web3 that was previously nearly impossible. Before Snaps, in order to demonstrate new technologies and new ways of enabling user access to blockchain tech, developers had to build their own extensions or apps, or fork MetaMask to add their own features, or partner with an existing wallet provider to add a native feature. This is a complex and slow process. The Snaps platform collapses this chasm and makes wallet integration much more accessible for the web3 developer ecosystem.
We have already witnessed a wide variety of Snaps being built in less than one year since the platform was launched in our developer-focused extension, MetaMask Flask. We have also seen Snaps-focused development teams win hackathon bounties from other companies and receive VC funding solely on the premise that they are building custom features into MetaMask with Snaps. This is a massive validation of the Snaps vision and what Snaps will do for the future of web3 development.
As we ring in 2023, here are the four areas of strategic focus we’d like to see built:
Applications will be open from 1/1/23 through 1/31/23.